About me

My role as a photographer allows me to turn the glory of the changing seasons and the colour and texture of nature into a beautiful backdrop for unique fresh contemporary pictures just for you. I will capture photographs that show your world as its best. You will discover portrait pictures that are alive with natural light, Wedding pictures full of emotion,Newborn pictures so delicate and soft just like your baby.

We work with you from the very start each client is unique so each photograph is unique to you
We offer a number of styles from high key to vintage If you have been looking for a photographer in Essex with an eye for detail and beauty then your search is over.couples

Andrea: My favourite animals are sheep, Yes thats right they are underestimated and hyper intelligent.
My favourite food has to be roast dinners lamb, chicken,beef and it must have roast potatoes and yorkie puds
My favourite drink large latte from Costa
My favourite time of day is afternoon early evening and sunset
I dislike cruelty to animals, disrespect for wildlife
I really dislike litter especially plastic can ties
pet hates is earwigs and daddy long legs
Charities I support are the DSA (Downs syndrome association) and Farleigh Hospice
I,m also a first point of contact for new parents whom have a child with Downs syndrome

Andrea,s Photography

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My daughter
My daughter


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