We missed last night as Tilly had a special needs disco see her video on my facebook page. Well its over to Tilly

Hello I am Tilly I like mooshi monsters.

My favorite person is Nathan I love Nathan and I hold his hand and we have kissed on the cheek (Nathan has downs syndrome too)

My favorite colour is PINK, Pink is the best colour.

My favorite food cake pink fairy cakes oh and chocolate cake and pizza

I like to dance I like just dance on the wii, I like going bowling with mummy and daddy, I like reading my favorite book is The wizard of Oz

My favorite place to go is the seaside and Derbyshire, I like the seaside because daddy makes me sand castles. I like Derbyshire because I went with my school

I want to be a princess I would like to have fun and be happy when I grow up

I would most like to see the Queen

I love my dog Hamish and he loves me

I,m scared of big spiders and the dark and I don’t like fireworks or thunder.

I don’t like it when  people point at me

For my birthday I want a cake

I want to take pictures like my mum

I like to dance

I can be cheeky

I discovered you can throw leafs

The things you have to do for Mothers!

I like to give my mummy flowers

Hello I,m Tilly I have Downs syndrome I want my life to be happy and fun


One thought on “THIS IS ME

  1. What a beautiful young lady.

    I’m sorry I find it difficult to read the blog on the black background tho!

    Thankyou for sharing your blog and photo’s

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